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Your house isn’t a home until you add timber flooring from the Gold Coast’s premiere installer, Coastal Floors. Flooring is so important for the beautification of your home. It gives a house character and warmth. We are here to assist you in every step of the process, from selection of fine woods to installation perfection. Give Ramon Wyre a call at the mobile number above to talk about your project.

We have years of specialisation in timber flooring, and we use the most meticulous of installation methods, to create not just a place to walk on, but a thing of beauty.

Why Use Timber Flooring? 

Timber is not a new source for fine flooring. It has been used for floors for many years. The glowing natural look of wood will give your home or business an aesthetically appealing and elegant look. Timber flooring creates an elegant interior and it’s easy to maintain.

Coastal Floors has a multitude of options for you when it comes to timber types. Whether you have old floors already or are making alterations on your business or home, we provide all the expertise you need. We have been working with fine finishing in the Gold Coast and here in SEQ for years.

When you are looking for the best colour flooring for your building, we’ll show you all our options and species types available. We work to suit your budget, as well as your house, offering excellent quality and craftsmanship at very low prices. Together, we can supply the best value in timber flooring.

Why Use Coastal Floors for Timber Flooring on the Gold Coast?

Each species of wood has a unique blend of character and colour. We have an enormous sample collection. When we bring our mobile showroom to you, then you can make your selection from the comfort of home. This will ensure that the wood colours match the texture and colours of your furniture.

We give you a spot measurement and a free quote, and we can handle any size job with expertise. We have years of experience in timber flooring for Gold Coast homes and businesses.

Beware the many mistakes that some homeowners make. If a timber floor is installed incorrectly, it will ruin the wood. In fact, much of our business comes when customers disappointed by their floor company call us to fix their faulty installations. They know we have the expertise and concern to do the job right.

Floating timber floors must be correctly anchored to last. We sometimes have to clear up the mess created when fully qualified builders do not install floating floors properly. Many companies take shortcuts and this can cost you the whole floor.

Inspection and Repair

At Coastal Floors, we offer expert inspection and repair services for damaged or poorly installed timber flooring in the Gold Coast area. We use high-tech moisture detection equipment to ensure the work is done right.

Floating floors, for example, may need replacement if there is moisture content in the floor. We ensure that the content is below 13% before we install a floor. Some builders don’t seal their concrete floors properly, and this gives floating timber a flawed base for anchoring.

Coastal Floors Inspects and Repairs Damaged Floors, too

A lot of our business comes from inspecting and repairing floors that another company has laid improperly. Moisture is the enemy of many floors, especially floating timber flooring in Gold Coast homes. Our moisture detection equipment ensures that the moisture content in your flooring is below 13% before we begin work. If this is not done – and many companies don’t do it – the floor may have to be replaced. That’s a lot of money down the drain!

We often see problems with home builders who didn’t seal their concrete floors properly before floating timber was anchored to them. Be aware of the mistakes that many companies and builders make, since installing these floors improperly will ruin them.

It’s sad that so many companies lay flooring incorrectly, but we are happy to come out and fix their faulty installations. We spend a lot of time cleaning up the mistakes of builders who are known to be fully qualified. There is no substitute for experience, and we have that.

There are also companies whose owners are just in business for the money. Of course every business needs to make money, but that doesn’t mean taking shortcuts that will ruin customers’ floors. Beware companies with lesser-trained installers. You’ll be comforted to know that we are fully insured and our installations have a workmanship guarantee for five years.

Once you decide to put timber flooring in your home, it’s vital to choose the right company for the installation. Improper installation can ruin a floor.

When you select Ramon and Coastal Floors to install or refinish your floors, you’ll get a professional with access to the most advanced hardwood floors and systems, pre-finished or unfinished, a wealth of information on hardwoods and the expertise to install flooring that will turn your house into a showplace. We are fully insured and we guarantee our workmanship for five years.

Call on the mobile number above for the best quality, service, prices and timber flooring on the Gold Coast.

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