Style Set in Stone with Brisbane Polished Concrete Floors

Surrounding your senses in natural settings is calming, and so is relaxing in your home, when you have Brisbane polished concrete floors. Think of sunlight, fresh air and the feel of pebbles that have been gently polished and smoothed by the wind and the waves over millions of years, and then buffed by our concrete polishing equipment!

How wonderful it is when your home evokes these sensations, enhanced by natural light, sand, smooth stones and polished aggregates inspired by nature. We polish concrete with the hardest elements in nature – diamonds – to reveal the natural elegance and beauty of the concrete floor.

A polished concrete floor helps in creating a home environment that gives you inspiration, free from the chemicals used in varnishes, waxes and floor coatings. Coastal Floors concrete flooring gives you the feeling that no other type of floor can, since it is polished to the shine level you desire.

Natural, polished concrete floors in Brisbane homes are sustainable, made from locally sourced aggregates, which reduces your carbon footprint. There is no need to truck in petroleum-based carpets, coatings or other floorings.

Coastal Floors – Concrete Flooring Experts 

Concrete polishing will help make your commercial or residential building project more sustainable, and lessen your impact on the environment. Owner Ramon Wrye has the expertise needed to transform concrete, an age-old building material, into a green, new, affordable flooring alternative. Call him at the mobile number above, to learn about all we have to offer in polished concrete for your home or business.

We have extensive experience in installing polished concrete floors in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and we use high-production, state of the art equipment. We can handle large or small projects in a professional, timely manner. If you want the floor in your home looking as impressive as the floors in a modern shopping centre, then you’re in the right place.

You can call us regardless of the problems you may be having – we’ve seen it all, and we can bring your flooring to life, and exceed your expectations. We’ll fit your flooring into your budget, so you can enjoy it even more. We are fully insured, and our workmanship comes with a full five-year guarantee. Ramon is a flooring expert, and uniquely qualified to bring your polished concrete floor to life.

The Beauty of Brisbane Polished Concrete Floors 

Polished concrete is a sustainable, durable, low-maintenance flooring that is truly beautiful when properly installed and polished. This flooring won’t trap allergens and emits no gasses or odours. It may even be mistaken for granite or marble, with its smooth surface. It can be stained in a variety of color combinations, to accent your home décor.

Recycling old flooring, by ripping up old carpet or tile from your concrete floor, can help in working toward a greener home. Polishing concrete instead of covering it offers easy cleaning with just a dust mop and warm water for spills. You won’t need caustic strippers, spray buffing or waxing, and your flooring will look lovely for years. We can even haul your old carpet away for free.

Brisbane polished concrete floors are among the finest in the world, especially in shopping centres like the Logan Mega Centre. It’s about more than just restoring your floors. It’s about providing your home with sustainable floors that will be enjoyed and appreciated by your family for years.

Low Maintenance is a Key Benefit 

Most types of flooring require regular, time-consuming cleaning, stripping, buffing or waxing, to continue looking good. Polished concrete reduces cleaning and maintenance costs, since grit and sand are kept at bay. During polishing, concrete pores are closed, so spills and stains stay on the surface, allowing you to easily clean them up.

The sheen of your concrete flooring will not have you cleaning it with harsh chemicals, or adding wax or other products to maintain shine. The shine is created naturally, when we polish your floors, and you can have any level of sheen that you prefer in your home.

Polished concrete floors will last for decades. Just keep it clean so that it won’t become scratched by small particles of sand underfoot, etc. Once your polished floor is complete, just have it lightly sanded every 10 years or so, if it has been heavily worn and not kept clean, and have a fresh top coat added to bring back the natural sheen of your Brisbane polished concrete floors.

Polished Concrete Brisbane and Gold Coast

Concrete has been used in commercial projects for many years, because of its dazzling design and durability, and polished concrete in Brisbane and Gold Coast homes is now becoming much more popular. Using modern technology, homeowners can get the same advantages in their own flooring, plus much more. It offers lower cost over the long-term, less maintenance, better thermal properties and stunning aesthetics.

Concrete floors look stunning in residential and commercial buildings, and Brisbane residents have for years chosen the experts at Coastal Floors for the most professional installation and polishing of concrete floors. The reason is simply that concrete floors that have been polish by us are the most striking you will ever see.  Our chief engineer Ramon Wrye is now offering his concrete polishing expertise to residential homes in South East Queensland in addition to the commercial buildings he has done.

Performance and Durability make Concrete a Great Choice

The performance and superior durability of Gold Coast and Brisbane polished concrete make it a popular finish for offices, warehouses and retail stores. Homeowners are selecting concrete more than ever before, for high-luster, smooth floors with polished stone appeal.

Polished concrete is an economical choice for flooring. Unlike some other materials, it can last decades, with minimal maintenance, which reduces your cost over the long-term. Floors made from polished concrete are foot-traffic friendly and easy to keep clean.

Gold Coast and Brisbane Polished Concrete is ideal for our sub-tropical climate

Most of the time it’s warm to very hot here in south-east Queensland.  So what you will find is that a polished concrete floor will slowly absorb much of the heat on hot days in summer.  This is process or concept known as thermal mass and the thermal mass of concrete flooring are ideal for our climate.

Similarly, but perhaps less well understood is the reverse benefit polished concrete floors can provide in SEQ in winter.  The heat absorbed during the day through north facing windows, daytime temperatures and heating systems is slowly released back into the house at night when temperatures drop to as low as 5 degrees Celsius or even lower out towards Ipswich.

Magnificent Homes with Floors of Polished Concrete, Brisbane and Gold Coast

Polished concrete flooring is quite striking in its appearance. Exposing the aggregate in the mix will unveil the true look of stone. There are many colors and stains on the market that will make your floor one of a kind. You can also choose from various sheen levels, depending on how much shine you desire. Give us a call at the mobile number above to explore the many options of aesthetic concrete flooring.

Polished concrete is beautiful, glossy and striking in appearance. Coastal Floors has years of experience in polishing effectively, to provide you with a design that has the appeal of natural stone, and it appears elegant and expensive.

We polish Gold Coast and Brisbane concrete floors in homes to the same level of sheen you will find in modern shopping malls. If you know that you plan to have us polish the concrete before it is laid, consider having us add interesting colours of aggregate, for a beautiful, mottled look.

When concrete is polished, it exposes some of the imperfections. You can leave it with this rustic look, if it fits the character of your space. They can be improved upon, but many customers prefer the natural qualities, since the floor is functional.

The Lifetime Cost of Polished Concrete is Hard to Beat

Polished concrete has less cost involved in maintenance, which is one reason why it is so popular. Even in high-traffic areas, it’s easy to clean and only requires occasional mopping to keep its good looks. You won’t have to worry about messy coatings or waxes, or the expense and labor needed to apply them.

The dense surface of concrete also works to inhibit stains. Polished concrete lasts longer than stone, porcelain or ceramic tiles. We can refinish it for you every ten years or so, to keep its solid good looks. In addition to being appealing and unique, polished concrete is economical and considered a prime finish for homes and commercial buildings alike.

We can Spruce up your Polished Concrete when needed

Polished concrete can be easily enhanced through cutting lines or patterns into the surface. These designs may include banding, borders or grids. Dyes and stains can help to accent the solid good looks of polished concrete in your Brisbane or Gold Coast home or business. Give us a call if you have a concrete floor you want to give a new look.

We use higher quality equipment for your flooring than other flooring companies. How does this benefit you? Our machines offer a more uniform polishing job and expose the wonderful imperfections that make concrete such a unique flooring choice. Call us at the mobile number above for more information about cutting and polishing your floor. We’ll work within your budget and give you a more care-free floor.

Coastal Floors professionals are fully insured and we offer a workmanship guarantee for five years. You can choose to have Gold Coast and Brisbane polished concrete installed or revitalised with confidence when you have experts in the field doing the work for you.

Floor Sanding Brisbane and Gold Coast

Be careful who you choose for your floor sanding in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, since all floor sanding and polishing companies are definitely not the same. Some companies will provide only the minimum of attention to your floors, making it look OK at handover, but with problems that can emerge later.

I’m Ramon Wyre, professional carpenter, engineer, floor sander and polisher extraordinaire, and owner of Coastal Floors and I’m here to tell you why you should choose us for your Brisbane and Gold Coast area homes and businesses.

I am the guy who gets called in, all too often, to fix timber floors on the Gold Coast and floor sanding Brisbane jobs in particular that have not been done right the first time.

I have been polishing and Floor Sanding Brisbane and Gold Coast Homes for 20 years and here’s what I do, that many in our industry often don’t:

First we’ll inspect your floors. We check the thickness and ensure that you have enough solid wood left for a thorough sanding job.

Before we begin sanding, your floors may need repairs. We are expertly qualified to do this, having a background as an engineer as well as being a qualified carpenter with 20 years of floor sanding Brisbane and Gold Coast homes.  Most others you see, don’t have my engineering background which means I can advise you on the structural aspects of your floor, particularly if it is old.

Most floor polishers will tell you that you can’t fill cracks and other blemishes in old floors, because the filler will crack out and it won’t last.

What they don’t know is that I have developed my own proprietary way of filling cracks and borer holes so that the filler will last as long as the floor.  I am not going to tell you how here, because it’s part of my competitive advantage, it’s my intellectual property that I have developed myself over 20 years of engineering, carpentry and floor sanding in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.  But if you have a floor that is in need of some repairs or tender loving care, I’ll discuss with you my unique strategies on site.

This technique can also be used if, once we start sanding, we come across borer holes in your floorboards.  This is very common both in Gold Coast and Brisbane floor sanding jobs.

The Process for Floor Sanding Brisbane and Gold Coast Homes

We begin with course 40 grit sandpaper and use a progressively finer grit of sandpaper to give your floors a smooth, even surface. Our machines are designed to be dustless, so we won’t leave dust around that could mar your finish. We wipe down your walls to make sure we grab all the dust. That’s how we work. It’s also safer for you and for our workers. They are the heart of our business, and you, our customers are its soul.

We usually use six different sandpaper grades when we are floor sanding Brisbane and Gold Coast homes and businesses, depending on the state of the floor. That’s why our finished floors look better, others typically use less. Some companies only sand with three grits before they apply varnish. They will ultimately let you down, because the finished look will not be as beautiful as it can be.

We coat with three separate applications, and allow the wood to dry thoroughly between each coat. We lightly sand before each additional application.

You can choose from:

  • Polyurethane finishes – These are the standard in our industry. They work especially well for high-traffic areas.
  • Water based finishes – They have low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and odours, although they are not quite as tough as some other finishes.
  • Acid-cured finishes – This involves two steps and leaves you with a very tough coating. It also dries more quickly. These are more volatile in terms of odours, though.

What do Timber Floors Offer?

Timber floors have two main advantages over other flooring types. They have a mix of durability and timeless beauty that work within any design. They can also be lightly re-sanded when they become scuffed and worn, usually after many decades of wear in high foot traffic areas.

Beware, though… this is not a job for the average do-it-yourself homeowner and it’s not a job for companies without years of experience floor sanding Brisbane and Gold Coast Homes, either. For our professionals at Coastal Flooring, it’s a straightforward job that is treated with a great deal of care. That’s what the job demands, and that’s what we provide.

There are many older homes and businesses in Brisbane and SEQ, and their timber floors are especially responsive to proper floor board polishing. We bring out the best in any type of timber flooring.

Why not Sand Timber Floors yourself?

This sounds easy enough, but it’s far from it. The sanders you can rent are small sized tools, and we use larger, more sophisticated equipment when we sand your timber floors. We have sourced the world’s best ourselves from Europe.  They are not commonly available to Australian floor sanding companies.

The main key, though, is experience.

Mistakes will come back to bite you if you do your own sanding. DIY sanding can devalue the appearance of your home, instead of improving it. Sanding floors yourself is simply not worth the risk.

We have years of carpentry and floor sanding experience, on top of my engineering background. So our company is uniquely qualified to give you the best looking timber floors in SE QLD.

There is a lot to take in here.  But don’t try to make any decisions here online.  Do yourself a favour and before you do anything else, contact Ramon Wrye on the mobile number above so that we can come around and inspect your floors. Your floor sanding Brisbane and Gold Coast job deserves it.