Style Set in Stone with Brisbane Polished Concrete Floors

Surrounding your senses in natural settings is calming, and so is relaxing in your home, when you have Brisbane polished concrete floors. Think of sunlight, fresh air and the feel of pebbles that have been gently polished and smoothed by the wind and the waves over millions of years, and then buffed by our concrete polishing equipment!

How wonderful it is when your home evokes these sensations, enhanced by natural light, sand, smooth stones and polished aggregates inspired by nature. We polish concrete with the hardest elements in nature – diamonds – to reveal the natural elegance and beauty of the concrete floor.

A polished concrete floor helps in creating a home environment that gives you inspiration, free from the chemicals used in varnishes, waxes and floor coatings. Coastal Floors concrete flooring gives you the feeling that no other type of floor can, since it is polished to the shine level you desire.

Natural, polished concrete floors in Brisbane homes are sustainable, made from locally sourced aggregates, which reduces your carbon footprint. There is no need to truck in petroleum-based carpets, coatings or other floorings.

Coastal Floors – Concrete Flooring Experts 

Concrete polishing will help make your commercial or residential building project more sustainable, and lessen your impact on the environment. Owner Ramon Wrye has the expertise needed to transform concrete, an age-old building material, into a green, new, affordable flooring alternative. Call him at the mobile number above, to learn about all we have to offer in polished concrete for your home or business.

We have extensive experience in installing polished concrete floors in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and we use high-production, state of the art equipment. We can handle large or small projects in a professional, timely manner. If you want the floor in your home looking as impressive as the floors in a modern shopping centre, then you’re in the right place.

You can call us regardless of the problems you may be having – we’ve seen it all, and we can bring your flooring to life, and exceed your expectations. We’ll fit your flooring into your budget, so you can enjoy it even more. We are fully insured, and our workmanship comes with a full five-year guarantee. Ramon is a flooring expert, and uniquely qualified to bring your polished concrete floor to life.

The Beauty of Brisbane Polished Concrete Floors 

Polished concrete is a sustainable, durable, low-maintenance flooring that is truly beautiful when properly installed and polished. This flooring won’t trap allergens and emits no gasses or odours. It may even be mistaken for granite or marble, with its smooth surface. It can be stained in a variety of color combinations, to accent your home décor.

Recycling old flooring, by ripping up old carpet or tile from your concrete floor, can help in working toward a greener home. Polishing concrete instead of covering it offers easy cleaning with just a dust mop and warm water for spills. You won’t need caustic strippers, spray buffing or waxing, and your flooring will look lovely for years. We can even haul your old carpet away for free.

Brisbane polished concrete floors are among the finest in the world, especially in shopping centres like the Logan Mega Centre. It’s about more than just restoring your floors. It’s about providing your home with sustainable floors that will be enjoyed and appreciated by your family for years.

Low Maintenance is a Key Benefit 

Most types of flooring require regular, time-consuming cleaning, stripping, buffing or waxing, to continue looking good. Polished concrete reduces cleaning and maintenance costs, since grit and sand are kept at bay. During polishing, concrete pores are closed, so spills and stains stay on the surface, allowing you to easily clean them up.

The sheen of your concrete flooring will not have you cleaning it with harsh chemicals, or adding wax or other products to maintain shine. The shine is created naturally, when we polish your floors, and you can have any level of sheen that you prefer in your home.

Polished concrete floors will last for decades. Just keep it clean so that it won’t become scratched by small particles of sand underfoot, etc. Once your polished floor is complete, just have it lightly sanded every 10 years or so, if it has been heavily worn and not kept clean, and have a fresh top coat added to bring back the natural sheen of your Brisbane polished concrete floors.

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