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Be careful who you choose for your floor sanding in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, since all floor sanding and polishing companies are definitely not the same. Some companies will provide only the minimum of attention to your floors, making it look OK at handover, but with problems that can emerge later.

I’m Ramon Wyre, professional carpenter, engineer, floor sander and polisher extraordinaire, and owner of Coastal Floors and I’m here to tell you why you should choose us for your Brisbane and Gold Coast area homes and businesses.

I am the guy who gets called in, all too often, to fix timber floors on the Gold Coast and floor sanding Brisbane jobs in particular that have not been done right the first time.

I have been polishing and Floor Sanding Brisbane and Gold Coast Homes for 20 years and here’s what I do, that many in our industry often don’t:

First we’ll inspect your floors. We check the thickness and ensure that you have enough solid wood left for a thorough sanding job.

Before we begin sanding, your floors may need repairs. We are expertly qualified to do this, having a background as an engineer as well as being a qualified carpenter with 20 years of floor sanding Brisbane and Gold Coast homes.  Most others you see, don’t have my engineering background which means I can advise you on the structural aspects of your floor, particularly if it is old.

Most floor polishers will tell you that you can’t fill cracks and other blemishes in old floors, because the filler will crack out and it won’t last.

What they don’t know is that I have developed my own proprietary way of filling cracks and borer holes so that the filler will last as long as the floor.  I am not going to tell you how here, because it’s part of my competitive advantage, it’s my intellectual property that I have developed myself over 20 years of engineering, carpentry and floor sanding in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.  But if you have a floor that is in need of some repairs or tender loving care, I’ll discuss with you my unique strategies on site.

This technique can also be used if, once we start sanding, we come across borer holes in your floorboards.  This is very common both in Gold Coast and Brisbane floor sanding jobs.

The Process for Floor Sanding Brisbane and Gold Coast Homes

We begin with course 40 grit sandpaper and use a progressively finer grit of sandpaper to give your floors a smooth, even surface. Our machines are designed to be dustless, so we won’t leave dust around that could mar your finish. We wipe down your walls to make sure we grab all the dust. That’s how we work. It’s also safer for you and for our workers. They are the heart of our business, and you, our customers are its soul.

We usually use six different sandpaper grades when we are floor sanding Brisbane and Gold Coast homes and businesses, depending on the state of the floor. That’s why our finished floors look better, others typically use less. Some companies only sand with three grits before they apply varnish. They will ultimately let you down, because the finished look will not be as beautiful as it can be.

We coat with three separate applications, and allow the wood to dry thoroughly between each coat. We lightly sand before each additional application.

You can choose from:

  • Polyurethane finishes – These are the standard in our industry. They work especially well for high-traffic areas.
  • Water based finishes – They have low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and odours, although they are not quite as tough as some other finishes.
  • Acid-cured finishes – This involves two steps and leaves you with a very tough coating. It also dries more quickly. These are more volatile in terms of odours, though.

What do Timber Floors Offer?

Timber floors have two main advantages over other flooring types. They have a mix of durability and timeless beauty that work within any design. They can also be lightly re-sanded when they become scuffed and worn, usually after many decades of wear in high foot traffic areas.

Beware, though… this is not a job for the average do-it-yourself homeowner and it’s not a job for companies without years of experience floor sanding Brisbane and Gold Coast Homes, either. For our professionals at Coastal Flooring, it’s a straightforward job that is treated with a great deal of care. That’s what the job demands, and that’s what we provide.

There are many older homes and businesses in Brisbane and SEQ, and their timber floors are especially responsive to proper floor board polishing. We bring out the best in any type of timber flooring.

Why not Sand Timber Floors yourself?

This sounds easy enough, but it’s far from it. The sanders you can rent are small sized tools, and we use larger, more sophisticated equipment when we sand your timber floors. We have sourced the world’s best ourselves from Europe.  They are not commonly available to Australian floor sanding companies.

The main key, though, is experience.

Mistakes will come back to bite you if you do your own sanding. DIY sanding can devalue the appearance of your home, instead of improving it. Sanding floors yourself is simply not worth the risk.

We have years of carpentry and floor sanding experience, on top of my engineering background. So our company is uniquely qualified to give you the best looking timber floors in SE QLD.

There is a lot to take in here.  But don’t try to make any decisions here online.  Do yourself a favour and before you do anything else, contact Ramon Wrye on the mobile number above so that we can come around and inspect your floors. Your floor sanding Brisbane and Gold Coast job deserves it.

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