Timber Flooring Brisbane and Gold Coast QLD

If you are renovating or building a new home, you should book our timber flooring Brisbane and Gold Coast mobile showroom to come to you.

Timber flooring is attractive, stunning and reliable, and as long as it is properly installed it showcases your interiors with a warmth no other flooring can match.

When you combine quality timber and expert installation from Ramon Wrye and Coastal Floors, the flooring will be installed right the first time, before it is sanded and polished.  You see it’s what is done at the installation stage that will determine if you will have problems with your timber floors years down the track or not.  We install it right first time.

High-quality timber flooring Brisbane and Gold Coast residents expect in their homes should last for generations.  And how long they last depends on how they are manufactured and installed. Hardwood floors can stand up to heavy foot traffic in active homes or workspaces if correctly supplied in the first place. They can exhibit long-term durability and be hard-wearing and tough.

Why Choose Coastal Floors?

We have a wide variety of timbers from which we source around Austalia to make your choice and prices more competitive than the big swanky show rooms.  You see, our showroom is mobile.  We come to you and we bring the samples.  Think about it, who do you think ultimately pays for the massive floor space, showrooms, rent, staff and advertising that some of our competitors have. Our timber flooring Brisbane and Gold Coast mobile showroom will visit you at your location anywhere in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast. We give a one on one personal touch that most larger companies really strive for and involve you in every aspect.

We have the full range of species, styles and colors available. No matter how unique and diverse your needs may be, we have quality timber and back it up with experienced, second-to-none installation craftsmanship.

When we visit you with our mobile showroom, we’ll give you a free measurement and quote. We’ll spend as much time as you need advising you about the type and colours that will work best for your house and your budget.

Some of the flooring types in which we have expertise include:

  • Hardwood Tongue and Groove Flooring. Tongue and groove (T&G) flooring fits edges of the hardwood together. They fit tightly, for a smooth and uniform appeal. This is a very popular method of decorating and is in some of Australia’s finest homes.  The most popular hardwood timber flooring Brisbane and Gold Coast home owners usually select include Jarrah, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Ironbark, Australian Beech and Brushbox. We also use the same techniques for more affordable floors made from softer wood such as pine, but obviously softer woods will damage more easily than hardwoods
  • Floating Timber Floors. These do not require gluing or nailing to your sub-floor. We can install them properly over most existing types of floors, including wood, vinyl, ceramic, concrete and even some types of indoor/outdoor carpet.
  • Parquetry. This is truly a work of art – it is a mosaic of wood that works quite well as ornamental flooring. The materials used contrast in grain and colour, including Blackbutt, Blue Gum, Jarrah, Tasmanian Oak, Jarrah, Ironbark and plenty of others to choose from.  When our mobile showroom comes to your place just ask to see the most popular parquetry timber flooring Brisbane and Gold Coast residents select. Parquet patterns are angular and geometrical, and are a thing of beauty, when installed properly.
  • Recycled Timber Flooring. Re-using old floors and other building materials will give your home a vintage look. Reclaimed wood can last quite a long time if cared for properly. It’s an environmentally friendly type of flooring that we can work wonders with.  You will definitely need an expert and experienced carpenter if this is the way you want to go.  After installation we will certainly need sand and polish these floors for you as well to give them a second life in your home.
  • Engineered Timber Floors. This is real timber made up in layers, processed together and supplies, usually pre-finished, ready to lay.  However it can be sourced raw so that you can choose the level of gloss finish you prefer, if you don’t like the out-of-the-box options.  It can be as hard wearing as hardwood floors, capable of being sanded and repolished several times, so the lifespan is roughly the same as a natural timber floor.

Timber Flooring is an Excellent Investment

Laying timber flooring Brisbane and Gold Coast style often increases the value of homes in SE Queensland. We’re often called in to replace old floors prior to sale, to give the place the edge over other properties for sale and lift the value.  The money our clients spend on this usually comes back to them at least two-fold in the sale price of their home.

Homes with well-maintained timber floors often sell more quickly than others, as well. This is backed up by the experienced workmanship of Coastal Floors, where we give you the installation quality that allows houses with timber flooring to hold a higher resale value.

Timber flooring is also a healthier choice for your home environment. It does not have embossing, fibers or grout lines that could trap allergens, particles, pollen or dust. This makes your home more comfortable for people with allergies, and gives you overall healthier air quality inside your home.

Installing Timber Flooring Brisbane and Gold Coast wide

When other types of floors start looking worn and tired, your timber floors from South East Queensland’s premiere wood floor installers will still be beautiful. Coastal Floors become even more valuable as the years pass. When they start looking a bit worn, we can sand them and bring back their beauty.

You can’t go wrong with Coastal Floors. Being a carpenter as well as a floor sander and polisher, Ramon is uniquely qualified to advise you on your timber floor selection from his mobile showroom. To book a mobile showroom visit to assess your timber flooring Brisbane or Gold Coast location just call the number above.

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