Floors as Smooth as Silk

Nothing creates a new look for an old floor like professional floor sanding, and Gold Coast residents know that the best professionals to hire for the job are here at Coastal Floors. My name is Roman Wyre and mine is the only number you need to call.

Properly sanding a timber floor requires expertise, and no one has more knowledge about the proper way to refinish your floors than we do. Homeowners who rent a sander and try to do the job themselves are usually sorely disappointed, and may even ruin their floors. Rental shops offer little “toy” sanders that don’t do a good job of timber sanding. It will not be a good experience, trust me. I’ve seen the results of homeowner sanding when we’ve been called in fix up a DIY job gone wrong.  Usually hubby is nowhere in sight, it’s the wife that calls us in.  Poor bloke, at least he tried.

We import higher quality equipment than other companies that offer floor sanding on the Gold Coast. How do you benefit from this? Our machines collect dust better than any others, so there’s no dust left to ruin your finish. We wipe down the walls to get rid of any dust, before we varnish. This is one of the reasons we can deliver a better shine for you.

Older Floors need Special Care 

Here on the coast, we see lots of “Queenslander” style old timber homes, and we can work wonders with the timber floors in houses like these.

Older homes like these can’t tolerate mistakes made by floor sanding homeowners or poorly trained workers from other companies. We have extensive experience and we offer you much better quality. Before we start sanding, we do any necessary repairs on your floors, and we are expertly qualified to do this, since I’m a carpenter with 20 years of experience in floor sanding on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane specifically.

We use proprietary techniques unknown to other floor sanding companies. This allows us to fill cracks or borer holes in such a way that they won’t crack out on you in the future. We are the only company that uses this technology, and you can see the difference.

Timber floors can become too thin if you sand them badly, and you can easily ruin an expensive floor even if you hire someone you think may do a good job. Don’t be duped by other companies. They can completely ruin your timber floors.

Trust the Experienced Professionals at Coastal Floors 

We are quite simply the best choice for floor sanding in the Gold Coast area. We supply, install and polish many types of timber, including:

  • Tasmanian oak
  • Spotted gum
  • Jarrah
  • Blue gum
  • Blackbutt
  • Brush box

These hardwoods are among the choices that give your house the best look in timber flooring. We can offer a wide range of shades and colours, and all our woods are well-known for their durability.

No Shortcuts – Just Top Quality Floor Sanding from Gold Coast Professionals 

We don’t take shortcuts like some floor sanding companies do. We are experts in our work, and fastidious in our care for your flooring. We start out with coarse 40 grit sandpaper and then use six different grades of sanding before we start lacquering. That’s why floors we do look better than those done by anyone else in the area. Call me, Ramon, at Coastal Floors.

Beware of less reputable contractors in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. They may only do two or three rounds of sanding before they apply varnish. You may spend a lot of money, but you’ll be let down when it comes to the work done and the final product. We use polyurethane and others, with a minimum of three coats applied, for the best look. Period.

We can tell you what kind of lacquer your floor needs when we visit, depending on how old your floors are, and their condition. We handle whatever type of finish you need, whether it’s water-based non-toxic or polyurethane. We deliver the look you want in your home or business, and help you choose the right finish, depending on your needs.

We offer a full five year guarantee on our master workmanship. We are fully insured, as well.

If you’re ready for the best-looking floor in your neighbourhood, call me, Ramon, at Coastal Floors. I will be happy to set up a free quote with you. We are better qualified than any other company that offers floor sanding on the Gold Coast, and I’ll be happy to put our expertise to work for you.